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Exclusive Features

Every DWK Subsoiler Gives You These Features........

  • Unique, patented design utilizes rear-mounted, curved shanks angled to maximize soil penetration and alleviate trash buildupsubsoilers
  • All-welded construction gives you durability and solid ripper action
  • Angled frames maximize soil action and minimize draft load
  • Specially mounted shanks are available in a wide range of spacings to meet any field requirement
  • Points are cast with a special high chrome iron to obtain maximum durability
  • Replaceable leading edge wear shins help extend shank life
  • Hardened bushings and grooved shear bolts protect mounting ears and shanks
  • Require less horsepower to pull (actual requirements will be determined by soil conditions)
  • Shanks do not require additional length to accommodate deeper penetration as is required with the standard undermounted subsoilers for trash clearance

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subsoilers made in the USA

All Dave Koenig Enterprises, Inc. equipment is constructed in the U.S.A.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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