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Pull Type Finishing Ripper


Finishing rippers are used in plowed fields to level and break clods. Being  able to enter fields before moisture is lost helps in breaking the clods.  Compaction is eliminated due to the ripper shanks breaking up the soil  level for the rollers. The rollers gauge the depth of the shanks and the  shanks put down pressure on the rollers to help break up clods.

Finishing rippers can be used after lasering to break up the soil since  they leave the ground level unlike disks.

Finishing rippers are used to loosen up soil in fields to aerate and dry for better ground preparation.

Hitch: 5" x 7" x ½" Rec. Tube

Shanks: The specially designed shanks are 1" x 30"

Cage Rollers: Heavy duty 23" diameter

Wear Shins: Replaceable high chrome iron leading edge wear shins for extending the life of the shanks.

Points: Points are cast with a special high chrome iron, for maximum                                                                 durability.

Shank Spacings: Staggered spacing is 12" standard, other spacing available to meet other soil requirements.

Models: Custom made to meet farmer's needs, straight bar to flat fold.

Wheel/Tires: 14L16.1 12-ply tires, hydraulic, dual-gauge wheels.


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